Freshest Ingredients

Expect a top-class dining experience at Restaurant Inkungu, which uses only the freshest ingredients, cooks to the seasons and uses locally produced ingredients whenever possible.

When it comes to quality and presentation, we pride ourselves for having one of the best teams in the region led by qualified and decorated chefs to cater to our guests. 

Homegrown Happiness

Behind the restaurant in the courtyard, there is a large hydroponic system using fresh spring water from the mountain to grow all of our seasonal vegetables and herbs.

This process ensures the best flavour when preparing dishes, giving you a bold and fresh taste throughout your meal.


Butchers Block

The restaurant has a long standing reputation of quality with the surrounding butcheries, producing free range products, and hormone free meat products.

They know that we accept only the best cuts of meat and are usually ordering exclusively from the best suppliers and maturing meticulously before preparing your meal.

Meet the Team

We are team driven, team inspired and team centered. At our heart, we are family.

Train your staff well enough so that they can leave, and treat them well enough so that they don’t.” – Richard Branson¬†


Restaurant Gallery

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